Forgetfulness as our teacher.

In the upcoming weeks, information will be added to the Deeper into the Soul Web Site about exploring questions about forgetfulness and memory, consciousness and culture through research and lived experience:

  • How Alzheimer's disease influences and changes Western culture

  • What happens to consciousness when brain cell disappear?

  • What is consciousness anyway? Where is it located?

  • What is the phenomenon called "identity"?

  • Why and for what do we remember and forget?

:: Deeper into the Soul Bibliography

Some Websites:

Forgetfulness Care - Practice and Learning

www.agesong.comAssisted living management company and developer that believes in the value of aging as an important phase in a human being's development and emphasizes honoring our elderly as wisdom keepers in our society.
www.deeperintothesoul.orgInteractive website about new approaches to forgetfulness based on symptoms of forgetfulness being meaningful and important for deepening who we are as human beings.
www.pacificinstitute.orgMental health and gerontological training and internship programs which try to help in reconceptualizing the idea of aging to the concept of maturing. Pacific Institute would like to reestablish the role of the elder in our societies.

General Information about Alzheimer's and Dementia's Disease International (ADI). The umbrella organization of Alzheimer's disease associations around the world. about Alzheimer's Societies in the world.
www.alz.orgAlzheimer's Association in the United States of America. Voluntary health organization dedicated to Alzheimer's care, support and research. about local chapters of Alzheimer's Associations in the United States of America.'s Australia. Organization providing support and advocacy for Australians living with dementia.
www.alzheimer.caAlzheimer's Society of Canada. Organization focused on ways to alleviate the consequences of Alzheimer's and related diseases. Alzheimer's Society. Organization that works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland's South Africa. Organization that provides support, education, training, and information on matters pertaining to all forms of dementia.
www.alzfdn.orgAlzheimer's Foundation of America. Organization interested in providing optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families.
www.ahaf.orgThe American Health Assistance Foundation. Organization that funds research and provides information about Alzheimer's disease.
www.alzbrain.orgResource containing information for caregivers and professionals of persons with dementia, sponsored by the dementia education & training program. containing information about symptoms and the experiences of Alzheimer's disease, hosted by PBS media enterprise.
www.caregiver.orgFamily Caregiver Alliance. American organization that addresses the needs of families and friends providing long-term care at home.
www.asaging.orgAmerican Society on Aging. Association that works toward improvement of the quality of life of older adults and their families.

Process Oriented Approach to Symptoms

The following websites include information about process oriented communication with people in altered, remote states of consciousness including dementia and coma. The reader can also find general information about process work and its perspectives on psychological and social issues on these sites.

www.aamindell.netArnold and Amy Mindell
www.comacommunication.comStan Tomandl and Ann Jacob
www.creativehealing.orgPierre Morin and Kara Wilde
www.deepdemocracyinstitute.orgDeep Democracy Institute. Organization that provides awareness-based leadership and facilitation trainings.
www.garyreiss.comGary Reiss
www.maxfxx.netMax and Ellen Schupbach
www.tomrichards.comTom Richards

Validation Therapy

www.vfvalidation.orgValidation Training Institute. Information about the Validation method, its training and related books.
www.validation-eva.comEuropean Validation Association. An umbrella organization for companies, individuals or foundations that work with the Validation method.

Eldership Perspective

We list here a few websites that provided us with some insights concerning the concept and practice of Eldership. Far from giving the full spectrum of the sources of inspiration, we would like to present some sites that were subjectively interesting to us and might encourage the reader to do further research. Community Foundation. History and culture of the Aboriginal people as preserved by elders.
www.eldership.netProject that aims to foster positive and creative attitudes to the later years of life.
www.easwaran.orgThis organization offers instruction and guidance in meditation and allied living skills developed by Eknath Easwaran. Their SETU senior retreats are intended for people of retirement age who have fulfilled responsibilities to family and society and are ready to focus on duty to their highest Self.
www.mosaicvoices.orgPrograms that aim at bridging divisions in contemporary communities, including the Way of the Mentor - training in core ideas of mentoring, based largely on the writing of Michael Mead.
www.worldcouncilofelders.orgOrganization dedicated to share indigenous wisdom with modern cultures.
www.theelders.orgOrganization founded by Nelson Mandela, other prominent elders of our times and supporters of the idea that elders serve an important role in our societies.